Exclusively eriinbrowne… it’s got a ring to it.

As mentioned on my about page, I am an enthused hobbyist. I lead a double life, and photography takes over my weekends.

I never set out to be a “wedding photographer” but here I am. I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted to it; maybe it’s all the love you see and feel on the day, or the amazing places I’ve been able to visit because of it. Who knows?! All I know is, I’m in! Hook, line and sinker.

I believe in quality not quantity and so I limit the number of weddings I take on each year, and the size of weddings I shoot. When you book with me you can be confident in the knowledge that I’m not dividing my time between 3 other weddings the same weekend as yours. I’ll book only your wedding for that entire weekend, this way I’m well rested and ready to give you my full undivided attention. You are not just a statistic to me, many of my clients I now consider to be friends.

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I love working this way, I feel very fortunate to lead this double life and 100% believe that’s why I’m still so passionate about each wedding I do.